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Out-Fold Bucket Conveyor

Model: EB-BE3100
Product Name: Out-Fold Bucket Conveyor

New generation outfolded parts modular design Z type bucket elevator, base on easy-clean and installation, Complete 304SUS material building and high quality food grade blue bucket, widely used in food/non-food packing line, such as rice, seeds, beans, candies, petfood, plastics, etc. 

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    Food safety is the most important for food industry, which will face more and more strict control and management. Easy clean and maintenance is the key for Easy-belt design and build, the new generation out-folded Z type bucket elevator  inclined skirt-belt conveyor is more flexible application for food or non-food industry, such as rice, beans, candy, snacks, biscuit and frozen food, etc. With the advantages of easy dismantle and installation, out-fold parts design avoid dust jamming, which can be integrated with various packing machines for material transportation. 

    - Rigid Out-folded Parts Frame Modular Design

    - PU Food Grade Blue Bucket 

    - Easy Installation & Clean

    - Motor Position with Cover

    - Complete 304SUS build

    - Electronic box for auto/manual run mode

    - Dump height can be customized 

    - Big capacity vibrator feeder as option 

    • Capacity of transportation: 5-10 cubic meter/hour

    • Frame Material: 304SUS

    • Bucket Capacity: 1800ml 

    • Dump Heigth: 3100mm (Customized)

    • Bucket Material: PU 

    • Power Supply: 1.8KW, 380V/220V, 50HZ or 60HZ, 1Phase or 3Phase

    • Conveying Speed is adjustable as option

    • Control: Inverter + Motor Reducer

    • Gross Weight: 450kg

    • Packing size: 1700*650*900mm 

    Out-folded Bucket Elevator.jpg

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