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 Service Principle                                                                             

Courteous Service, Delivers Value. 

 Service Policy                                                                                  

To ensure customer's 100% satisfaction is our aim, all the feedbacks or complains will be handled and responsed professionally and quickly as possible as we can. 

 Warranty Support                                                                            

- 1 year warranty for standard unit; 

- Expire service is available as per request;

- English menu, installation manual and operation manual is available; 

- Pre-consultant or project specs checking is provided; 

- Easy fragile parts or ODM parts;

- We're responsible for the safety and reliability performance on the following condition:

• Equipments are assembled, upgraded or maintained by trained workers.

• Suitable working place and temperature environment.

• Equipment are operated according to our instruction manual and reminders.

- We're not responsible for damages or faulty as following: 

• Improper operation.

• Improper connection to other devices.

• Accidental impact.

• Amendment is made without our permission or autherization in advance.

• Machine series no. is removed or becomes illegible.

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